Don’t wake me up just yet

Waking up on a Sunday morning always feels good to me. The sound of raindrops falling, that breezy air from the tides of the sea nearby, and that mere fact that it’s Sunday and when its Sunday you just do nothing and spend the entire day slacking and chilling with your family. But this time is different, this time its so much more different.

These past few weeks I’ve come to love Sundays. I usually wake up, stretch and put on some lazy music which takes me through the whole day. It’s that feeling where once in a week you’re allowed to dress homeless but still feel oh-so-good. Expect this day to be very calming, you’ll see me smile the entire day. But of course, those Sundays were Sundays of my semester break. It had to be different, because it was better! No class, no obligations, no worrying, no thinking.

We have to remember though, that all good things come to an end; and fast. I’ve been devouring every free time I had and kept on doing some adventures with friends; adventures I won’t forger for sure. I’ve been to busy being busy, I forgot to rest and most of all, I forgot that school starts tomorrow.


Wow. How could I miss that right? 

And what’s worse is that my class starts at 7:30 AM! Say what? I can’t even make it in time for my 10:30 class last semester and they expect me to wake up and be on time for my 7:30 am class?! PLUS TRAFFIC, which is what my city has been pioneering for quite some time now. Might as well ship me back to high-school waking up this early everyday. Dayumn. Just my luck.  

But you cannot get rid of the inevitable, might as well go on and have fun with it then. RIDE with style. So you gotta spend your Sunday like its the last Sunday of your life. scratch that. Live everyday like it’s the last day of your life. How’s that for quotable? Anyways, It’s 6:07 pm now. Had to put off writing and now, I’m finishing this before Sunday’s over. So far, I’ve been really lazy today and acted like a total kid– dancing in the rain with the soccer kids, played Fifa and ate too much for me own good. Now i’m sleepy and I haven’t really started anything yet (at least the school stuff).

Now that my sexy Sunday’s nearing to it’s inevitable end, I hope you enjoyed yours. While there’s still time to, dance with only your pj’s to the songs I’ve prepared for you in my music channel. You can still watch a good movie, the heartwarming ones that will keep you smiling for hours like the one I saw recently –> Intouchables. It’s a french movie so, better keep up with the subtitles. I kept on convincing my friends on watching this but no one has really risen up to the challenge yet. I do hope that you’d be open-minded enough to try watching the movie, the way you’re kind enough reading my post. 🙂 Cheers for good ‘ol lazy days 🙂 here’s to coffee, slacking and snuggling for the day.

Till next time loves.