What have I gotten myself into?

I can be crazy…I can be the opposite, too.

Believe me, I can be anything you want me to be. I’ve been in different versions of myself to please myself and mostly, almost always,the people around me.

I’ve always challenged myself to be as diverse and as adventurous as possible but oftentimes I’m met with instances that make me question my decisions and even, myself. The recent years, I’ve been in crossroads that have somehow made me a little bulletproof and resilient. But that’s only true until another challenge has come before you. Lo and behold, in my adult life (post-grad), that challenge have been so eager to meet me that I’m now in it already. Three weeks and counting…It’s slowly eating me alive. It’s eating ┬ámy energy and it’s eating my spirit, too.

Yes. That’s how evil laws school feels like. It’s just 3 weeks and I’m complaining. I don’t have the right to because this is what I wanted. I know the education that I’ll be getting is beyond what we learn from the classroom because everything is like a final exam; even little decisions like whether or not I’ll be sleeping tonight. It’s tiring and I hate myself for dealing all this which I know is going to get so much worse in the near future. What have I gotten myself into? I ask myself that almost every time. But then again, nothing worthwhile comes easy. So, maybe, I just have to endure. Because I know we all want to survive, but it’s how bad we want it that’s gonna make us stay.

So, I’d like to apologize If I don’t get to post always. Talk about consistency! haha

I just missed blogging. I missed you whoever you are reading this. I miss the nothingness and the out-there feel that the internet provides. However, I cannot dwell on such technology for I am pressed with time.

Off to Lawyerdom.


Will probably bring my Political Alien (second blog) to life. haha sooon