Helluva Hangover


Woke up later than my usual 9 am alarm because my head was spinning like I was in a small boat in the middle of the Pacific, waves slapping violently side by side. Only that I was wearing a pretty dress, smudged eyeliners that could mistake me for the Kungfu Panda and a hair that has never seen a brush for a century —– and then…..WOAH! How the hell did I get to my bed looking like this? Right then and there I knew that recollecting what happened might bring so many things I hope I could already forget.

Not the best morning of my life – bad hangover and an angry parent for having to experience the deluge that I have been last night.. or morning? HAHAHA.

All I could remember was that I went to my first ever acquaintance party in Law School. It was great. It felt great. I was feeling beautiful and I hope I looked exactly what I felt. After a loooong time, we had to party. Along with a few people I’ve been with for just over a month of struggles and late night studying, I was really determined to party hard and have fun. But fun had its limits, too.  I’m not always as great as I want myself to be. But I try to…with bumps and occasional disasters.

From the pieces I’ve gathered that I’ve tried to connect – there were laughable moments and of course, disappointing ones too. I am a bit disappointed at myself If I had to look at someone else’s perspective. If only I had to consider ONLY myself, just me — I was happy it happened because I know it didn’t happen often. Another item to strike off my crazy list. It felt bad-ass until the hangover happened! The hangover, as it was also my first time, was the only thing that warranted me that I’m not gonna be drinking in a long time. Also, the puking was exhausting and disgusting. I had to say sorry over and over again to my friend whose pants I literally puked on. Not the best night for him and his pants.

Oh well, now I’m writing this because although I’m starting to get over with what happened –  I know my Papa hasn’t yet. We didn’t talk since last night and I know he’s pissed. I don’t blame him. But I hope he realizes that he has gone through this already – he has been a foolish young adult once in his life too. It wouldn’t be growing up without the occassional stumbles and falls that leave scars or marks or memories that would really make us grow up.

It’s hard growing up in a home where you’re the only one whose not an adult yet. It’s hard to act mature and uptight always. Hard to take responsibilities when all you want to do is have fun sometimes and let loose. Its hard when their eyes are always watching you guarding your every move. I’m happy that they care but sometimes it can be a bit suffocating. But hey, I’m not complaining! I should be responsible with my decisions and actions too, right? Although i can’t really promise that I won’t be drinking again but at least I know where my limits lie…already.

But for now, I’ll have to deal with the photos of the beautiful disaster that is last night’s party.

I’m not discouraging you from drinking but like what they always say — Drink Moderately. 🙂


CHEERS! Hahaha too early a pun, i guess.



Last Friday night

If you may recall perfectly, last Friday night was supposedly the end of the world. Until it got postponed.

Nonetheless, thinking that it’s gonna end in any way we can imagine, my friends and I threw an end-of-the-world party. It was the most prepared party I had for my closest friends since time immemorial but only a few cam due to some reasons which we will still scrutinize. I mixed the drinks for the first time. At least I had a first in my supposedly last day on Earth, right? 🙂 We had barbecue, pizza and mallows. After the bountiful food we had, we went to the rooftop, a little dizzy, and decided to watch 2012 to laugh at it. But we were kinda bored so we watched The Dictator instead. Damn, that movie was funny, my stomach was aching from an hour of laughing. It was reaaally racist and if you were so serious, I can’t imagine what you’ll do from anger!

After the movie, we had to exchange our exact 43.50-peso gifts. It’s impressive how one of our friends got a gift that really had that amount when all the others are struggling looking for one. Others just added coins to make it sum up to 43.50 pesos. And because I only prepared the gift an hour before the party, I just crafted my own gift certificate that entitled the receiver a free hug and tap in the back.Really creative and fun! You should do that too, saves you time and money but fun nonetheless.

Finally, we had another round of an unfinished bottle of Jose Cuervo; we didn’t finish it too. It was tequila-> favorite! 😀 and being our usual kiddy, weird selves we played with the bubbles and remembered that we had to take a picture of us that day because it only happens once until we were told that the end of the world was postponed . So I guess there’ll be another end of the world then. Looking forward for another awesome party.

Here’s what I got from my cam…


Should this world end…


So the long awaited 12.21.12 end of the world prophecy is now here. I’ve been waiting for signs of an apocalypse coming; a deluge, an earthquake or “the sky is falling” moments but there was none really. The coast, apparently, is clear. Instead, I woke up to a happy morning with my family around, a good old’ breakfast our “yaya” made with love and of course, morning greetings from friends who were looking forward to an awesome day ahead.

But it’s too early to say yet because there are still hours remaining before this day reaches to its conclusion. Whatever the conclusion may be; should this world end I would have wanted it to be many things… I have crafted a long list of how this world ends but nothing seems clap-worthy for a great end. I’ve thought of aliens coming and making friends with us and transporting us to the new world. A good way to end this one too, is a major blackout and then we see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing and then *poof* we became coco crunch! I kid. Sorry. But I haven’t really thought of how the world ends. It’s an endless list of possibilities that would need a deeper understanding of  how the world works and an unlikely imagination.

alieninvasion e0186f119152122c2834b527ea2732fc L060898

To be honest, I don’t want it to end just yet. I have so many things to live for and so many faces to put a smile on. But I’ve heard that when you’re nearing to the end – a sudden glimpse of your whole life comes back in a flash; important moments that define you. Now what would those moments be I’m still figuring out. I have been such a mess I doubt my life’s 30-second flashback is worth the watch at all. But I’ve been making progress already especially with the adventures I’ve had this year.

What my papa told me during breakfast was one that struck me today. Every day is an end of the world for someone somewhere but that does not give us a reason to fear but only a reason to live and be thankful even more. Because while we’re busy living and whining why the Mayan’s calendar have been so inconvenient, someone out there is struggling, fighting for their very last breaths.

I have so many things to be thankful for and many things to celebrate about. So I’m going to do whatever makes me happy. And today, it’s about celebrating an end of the world day with friends-exchanging 43.50 –peso gifts that are hard to come by, LOTR marathon with ze soccer boys, and later on a 2012-movie-marathon and some BBQ and booze. Cheers to the holidays and to a world that’s not to end just yet. HAHAHA we are so gonna laugh about it laters.

Always remember, a friend once told me that before the world ends – make sure that you have had the time to laugh, cry and think. With this, I’m sure your 30-second flashback is gonna be worth watching. Adios my friend and have a smashing day wherever you are in the world. :*