Happy Anniversary!

I just got the news and I’m sorry. Although there’s only 2 hours left before its another year for us but I am glad to have you as one whom I could always count on. Yes, I’ m talking about the blog. HAHAHAHA


oh well.


there’s a lot I can say but so little time! A new year for us, a new set of adventures!

hopefully i’ll be able to survive 😀


thanks for all those who have supported this blog! more will come soon just not now at the moment because I’m studying for an exam. So spare me.. haha!


have a great day all of you!

with love,




Baby Steps.

There’s always joy in waiting and letting things fall into place.



San Francisco, CA…….MOTES!


Just after a few hours till the May sun has risen, the Best Practices forum was followed with a site visit in San Francisco, Camotes together with the people who were at the forum to see how it is exactly done the San Francisco “purok” system way. Props to the San Franciscans for doing a job well done for making their municipality a place to be. XD

To know and understand what incredible experience we had, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. XD Here’s my photo diary —

Really, it was a learning experience. I was inspired in a lot of ways. If they can do it, why can’t we? I’m hoping to see a beautiful and progressive community in Lapu-Lapu soon. Its a big challenge I know. But if we get started NOW then all our what if’s will vanish and become a sweeping reality.

More adventures to come. 🙂


Lil Miss E.

Alien @ Home


Hello First Day.

I’ve always imagined first days of anything, esp. at work as something exciting. My first day of being an intern in an environmental law firm slash NGO called PEJC- it was FUN with my friends around, HARD because you know its not up to you now and ALIEN since I’m new and there’s a lot of things I needed to learn. Despite everything, I feel comfortable and at ease. I started pretty well (although I was an hour late, imagine that) and became at home eventually. We met and introduced ourselves to our Head and Exec Director, Atty. Joan and Atty. Golly respectively.Atty. Golly’s disposition rhymed her name well: Jolly.

We were met with paper works and articles needed to be piled-up into an organized mess but as we talked things through with our schedule, I’m pretty sure that piling up papers wouldn’t be our only agenda. Philippine Earth Justice Center, though its not well-known yet, has done pretty concrete stuff I’d like to be a part of and Voila! There are so many things to do now and so many events that has now already filled my calendar, and I’m looking forward to saving the Earth one step at a time, making it once again a home that so many have once often thought of. With PEJC, those thoughts will become actions.

Thus I introduce my Earthly Business. This is a blog of my whereabouts  and my thoughts of the things I’m about and plan to do in the near future as:

*drum roll please*

Little Miss EARTH-friendLY.


Lil’ Miss E.