First days have always been a mystery to me. I always think of it as a beginning of something BIG because I don’t know what’s in store for me. I can almost recall my first day of school way back 1999 where I met my closest friends. First days are seen as special days because it marks a new beginning- life’s refresher they say. Make or break of any situation you want to own. I remember my first day in college where not much people really know me, an avenue where  I can start anew. This is why first days are treated with such sanctity. It gives us hope and another chance to change and correct what has been done wrong in the past.

But somehow a mark of something like a first day can never erase whatever there was in the past. You needed those moments to move forward and grow. As much as I want to forget all the heartaches I’ve had over the year, my mistakes..I can’t. Cos at the end of the day what I am now is a sum-total of the chains of decisions I have had in the past. But like any other day, first days have been given such reputation that allows us to have clean sheets. One thing I’ve learned from the year that has been is don’t do to much over-thinking and expect less.

If I’ve had too much expectations, i would be in such a major disappointment right now. My first day started out great with our annual first-day-of-the-year beach escapade and everything went well until I went home and found some good ol’ rest. I was surprised to see my cat sleeping beside me and what surprised me more was the pain I felt all over my body after resting. I was not feeling good. Oh scratch that. I AM not feeling A-okay! Now I’m finally paying for the holiday escapades I’ve been doing – my MCDV Overnight and the NYE party I had with the soccer kids that ended at 4 AM! Over fatigue or what you call it, it’s not a good feeling to start a year with. So, I’m here now blogging as a form of “rest”. Yeah right, as if I actually rest. I don’t rest cos I’m always occupied and that’s how I am. So yeah 2013 although I’m not feeling pretty good but I’m still determined making this year a lot better than how I am right now.

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To another year of chances, hope and making it better— Cheers!


Happy New Year loves,