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Oh the things I’ve been up to lately.




Summer So Far

My summer days have been blurry but looking at it, I’ve been into quite a lot of “little” adventures of my own.

So what are your adventures lately? Tell me. 🙂


My kind of Good Life

Nothing beats the sun, the sea and some lovely company to take away all the stress and the worry! Despite the truckload that I have to do, i can finally feel summer!

Happy days ahead,


Last Friday night

If you may recall perfectly, last Friday night was supposedly the end of the world. Until it got postponed.

Nonetheless, thinking that it’s gonna end in any way we can imagine, my friends and I threw an end-of-the-world party. It was the most prepared party I had for my closest friends since time immemorial but only a few cam due to some reasons which we will still scrutinize. I mixed the drinks for the first time. At least I had a first in my supposedly last day on Earth, right? 🙂 We had barbecue, pizza and mallows. After the bountiful food we had, we went to the rooftop, a little dizzy, and decided to watch 2012 to laugh at it. But we were kinda bored so we watched The Dictator instead. Damn, that movie was funny, my stomach was aching from an hour of laughing. It was reaaally racist and if you were so serious, I can’t imagine what you’ll do from anger!

After the movie, we had to exchange our exact 43.50-peso gifts. It’s impressive how one of our friends got a gift that really had that amount when all the others are struggling looking for one. Others just added coins to make it sum up to 43.50 pesos. And because I only prepared the gift an hour before the party, I just crafted my own gift certificate that entitled the receiver a free hug and tap in the back.Really creative and fun! You should do that too, saves you time and money but fun nonetheless.

Finally, we had another round of an unfinished bottle of Jose Cuervo; we didn’t finish it too. It was tequila-> favorite! 😀 and being our usual kiddy, weird selves we played with the bubbles and remembered that we had to take a picture of us that day because it only happens once until we were told that the end of the world was postponed . So I guess there’ll be another end of the world then. Looking forward for another awesome party.

Here’s what I got from my cam…


SIX and a Half


You’ve probably seen this picture featured in one of my posts. Yup, that one. So you probably know that this post is dedicated to how I ended my November. Spare me though that I did this one so late, I was packed up with so many things to do and places to go. Nonetheless, I’m just happy I’ll be able to share this one to you before another good week starts.

So last Friday which was the 30th of November was a holiday which means there were no classes & we can wake up really late. But since we’re different, we were so energetic that day we woke up real early (and by we i was referring my friends – Clark, Bogs, Bonx) to join a camp on Thanksgiving & Bonifacio day! The camp didn’t involve smores & campfires though because it was about blogging. Yes, you heard that right, we went to Cebu Bloggers’ Camp 3 @ the Cebu International Convention Center.

And damn, out of all the things that would’ve happened – we were too early for our standards. So we ate breakfast first @ 7-11 with my Papa. He even joked about making a convenience store of his own named “9-11” since he thinks it’s more catchy, original(?), and historical! Whoo! What inspiring ideas my father always gives it makes me laugh. hahaha 😀

The camp started around 10 so we had enough time to socialize and extend our network of bloggers. Its funny how you think they’re all intimidating people but then when you get to know them and get past the shyness you’ll discover you have so much in common. What’s amazing is that I;m sharing this moment with my closest friends in the world. At least, I have them to talk to when all else fails. 🙂

They grouped us in 10’s and I was in group 6 where people seemed really quiet. I’m the noisy type so I was feeling awkward but I finally warmed up after a few good minutes. The series of talk were inspiring, it opened us to prospects of making money out of our blogs. But since I’m a newbie, that’s a long road for me tread yet. I expected something different though, more of like the 101’s of everything including this. I didn’t really know what to feel because as the hours dragged, so did the talks. I had to entertain myself with my group mates – we paper-chatted each other and had to know their “how-did-they-get-into-the-blogging-business” story. Some started out really early, some used blogging to spread their advocacy, some for business, some for educational purposes, some a place for their unheard thoughts, some for their art and some, like me, to satisfy their souls. haha yeah right, forgive the melodramatic me.

Lunch came and there was the festive feel again, the groups dispersed and back to their cliques (more like their blogging niches). And I was back to my college friends while my 2 girls are in the back involved in such a lively discussion with the pros of the blogging biz. We just laughed our lunch away with jokes and silly puns we had on each other. Food was great and there was a special treat that I tasted for the first time which was Pastilan! It was a 25-peso treat that can fill your stomach in no time. Good for people who are in a rush but would still want to eat good food. Try Pastilan everyone cos its amazingly delish. 🙂


PHOTO credits goes to Dindy Garcia (6 1/2’s team leader)

Others went home so the groups are waning. Groups 6 and 7 combined thus the 6 1/2 name. Haha The things we did were funny, though they were silent, each respected each other. We shared some thoughts about our common interests and our group cheer which was totally lame. hahahah The talks continued and it dragged on to some kind of marketing thing which I was not really interested in. Though it helps a lot to listen but my mind oftentimes wandered to some place else. Like how I wanted the camp to be something that would make me figure out what I really wanted for my blog – it even confused me more. I know marketing is always a good future for a blog to prosper but since they invited bloggers and non-bloggers alike, I would’ve wanted to have all those inspirational crap we always love to hear on camps cos it makes us feel good and inspired. Nonetheless, I met new friends and learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

Thank you Cebu Bloggers’ Camp for the opportunity of widening our horizons to infinite possibilities. A major thanks to the sponsors too for supporting things like these for people to come together and share whatever ideas they have. And of course, to the readers for inspiring each blogger to give a part of ourselves with the aim of inspiring you in any way we can. What a wonderful experience we had and it wasn’t even the best part yet.

The best part of course was what happened after. Since its TGIF, a holiday and a good week in total – a group tradition was to meet up and do whatever. This time we planned on going local and went back to our very own city to discover new places we can hang out. We rode the multicab that says “Soong”  because we were heading to the Tiki place in Maribago. We debated whether we were there yet, about to be there or have gone past by it already. So we decided to stop in the middle of the road and just walked our way till we saw something else – An italian bistro alongside Karancho Beach Resort. And *light bulb* it was like WIFI connection when we agreed to ditch the Tiki place to this –  A classy Italian dinner at La Bella Napoli.

We ordered 2 family pizzas cos our other friends were coming from their own “camp” just playing DOTA all day. haha In a classy dinner, a good wine would always do the trick. There were a few bumps along dinner like not having corked-wine and paying 100 bucks for corkage? haha Nonetheless, the whole experience was perfect. It felt like we weren’t really in Lapu-Lapu. We even went to Karancho for a stroll FOR FREE! We just told the guard that we’re looking at the place as our Christmas Party venue. The natural con-artists that we were, we got in and enjoyed the view for free. We had good food, a good laugh & a good amount of drinking enough to make me feel so warm. 

After dinner, we dropped by a karaoke place to sing some songs for the road. Its funny how irritating our voices were and the boys can’t do anything about it. We were all having a good time and enough – when my Papa called me that he was waiting for me somewhere so that we can go home together. Always the typical end to the extraordinary stunts we do. 🙂 Atleast there was something to keep me on the leash and checked from time to time.

What a good week I have had. Hope you had the same! 🙂 Here’s to 6 and a half days of being happy and then some…

Cheers for a better week,