One for the weather

It’s a good time to chill and listen to good music when it’s raining and really cold.
Here’s to Parachute‘s Kiss me Slowly. Enjoy!

and a few others you might like —-

Laters baby,



I would lie

We always have that someone that always has a different effect on us – a friend, a lover and etc. When words just don’t seem enough we always have music to cling on – – so,

Here’s to a song I love – the passion, the beat and the lyrics. ❤

Cheerios to you Gavin.

Good Vibes; Good Music

To Be Aware

Oh I haven’t been here for a while..

Well what can I say, here’s the trick with this eternal song – sing the background voices – “Love, Love, Love…” and see how it makes you feel 🙂

All You Need Is LOVE

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What’s Beautiful

This song is just beautiful. Showed how the sham & drudgery in life can make you strong, beautiful and resilient. Its the experience that one has in life that makes his/her story all the more complicated, mysterious and interesting.

props to Lana del Ray for this masterpiece.