Someone told me that when you fill your life with noise from TVs, chores from to-do lists, arguments from newspapers, where will you find space for love, relationships, faith and God? Cherish the simple things in life. Put the rest back on the shelf. Enjoy Saturday!




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Summer So Far

My summer days have been blurry but looking at it, I’ve been into quite a lot of “little” adventures of my own.

So what are your adventures lately? Tell me. 🙂



I’ve finally decided on giving up my huge, orthopedic bed. The biggest comforter I’ve had in my young adult life. I’m giving it to people who needs it more than I do. I mean, it’s big..it’s really big it makes me look small. But really..I needed more space in my room because the bed is taking much of it as we speak.

But the bed is not just a bed. It has been my friend when everyone’s fast asleep. It’s been my handkerchief, my paradise and my haven. But then again, I can’t hold on to it forever. It’s making me much of a lonely person. It’s keeping me from all the people outside. But I’ll miss the bed the way I miss the person beside me always.

It’s not the bed that should remind me of her, but her memory and her warmth. Okay so maybe it’s time to let go of the bed the way I;m slowly letting go of Mom.

They’re not mere things anyone can take away anyhow, they’re always inside me and their memory will live on buried deep inside my sub-cranium and my heart.

Change is good. So here’s to a new space i have to fill up.

Re-modelling’s a good idea. This is nice!!


Pictures soon,