Happy Anniversary!

I just got the news and I’m sorry. Although there’s only 2 hours left before its another year for us but I am glad to have you as one whom I could always count on. Yes, I’ m talking about the blog. HAHAHAHA


oh well.


there’s a lot I can say but so little time! A new year for us, a new set of adventures!

hopefully i’ll be able to survive 😀


thanks for all those who have supported this blog! more will come soon just not now at the moment because I’m studying for an exam. So spare me.. haha!


have a great day all of you!

with love,




Helluva Hangover


Woke up later than my usual 9 am alarm because my head was spinning like I was in a small boat in the middle of the Pacific, waves slapping violently side by side. Only that I was wearing a pretty dress, smudged eyeliners that could mistake me for the Kungfu Panda and a hair that has never seen a brush for a century —– and then…..WOAH! How the hell did I get to my bed looking like this? Right then and there I knew that recollecting what happened might bring so many things I hope I could already forget.

Not the best morning of my life – bad hangover and an angry parent for having to experience the deluge that I have been last night.. or morning? HAHAHA.

All I could remember was that I went to my first ever acquaintance party in Law School. It was great. It felt great. I was feeling beautiful and I hope I looked exactly what I felt. After a loooong time, we had to party. Along with a few people I’ve been with for just over a month of struggles and late night studying, I was really determined to party hard and have fun. But fun had its limits, too.  I’m not always as great as I want myself to be. But I try to…with bumps and occasional disasters.

From the pieces I’ve gathered that I’ve tried to connect – there were laughable moments and of course, disappointing ones too. I am a bit disappointed at myself If I had to look at someone else’s perspective. If only I had to consider ONLY myself, just me — I was happy it happened because I know it didn’t happen often. Another item to strike off my crazy list. It felt bad-ass until the hangover happened! The hangover, as it was also my first time, was the only thing that warranted me that I’m not gonna be drinking in a long time. Also, the puking was exhausting and disgusting. I had to say sorry over and over again to my friend whose pants I literally puked on. Not the best night for him and his pants.

Oh well, now I’m writing this because although I’m starting to get over with what happened –  I know my Papa hasn’t yet. We didn’t talk since last night and I know he’s pissed. I don’t blame him. But I hope he realizes that he has gone through this already – he has been a foolish young adult once in his life too. It wouldn’t be growing up without the occassional stumbles and falls that leave scars or marks or memories that would really make us grow up.

It’s hard growing up in a home where you’re the only one whose not an adult yet. It’s hard to act mature and uptight always. Hard to take responsibilities when all you want to do is have fun sometimes and let loose. Its hard when their eyes are always watching you guarding your every move. I’m happy that they care but sometimes it can be a bit suffocating. But hey, I’m not complaining! I should be responsible with my decisions and actions too, right? Although i can’t really promise that I won’t be drinking again but at least I know where my limits lie…already.

But for now, I’ll have to deal with the photos of the beautiful disaster that is last night’s party.

I’m not discouraging you from drinking but like what they always say — Drink Moderately. 🙂


CHEERS! Hahaha too early a pun, i guess.


A few steps away

Oftentimes, on summer days like this, we long for adventure and to travel far far away. There must be something about a destination that seems so distant and unknown that excites us that often blinds us from beautiful things already happening and existing nearby- just in the backyard, the neighborhood or somewhere where its just a few steps away.

Today, as usual, I plan to go out and have some wicked fun or some sort of adventure in the city with my friends or my cousins but it had turn out quite differently. Instead, my boys (i.e. dad, brother and soccer team) went to the open beach a few walks away from our house and experienced what I was always longed for – to relax on a beach under the sun without worries surrounded by the people I love.

What promises await for us in distant lands can be a rather fascinating idea but it doesn’t hurt to look around and experience equal satisfaction and fun even in places nearby. We don’t want to miss out on such beauties that we already have because we’re constantly eyeing for something that ain’t there yet. Just saying! 🙂 Let’s appreciate what we have while we still can! I’ve grown up in our place but it’s still amazing how it still takes my breath away!! Let’s get away for just a few steps away!Have a happy Sunday! 🙂



Summer So Far

My summer days have been blurry but looking at it, I’ve been into quite a lot of “little” adventures of my own.

So what are your adventures lately? Tell me. 🙂


My kind of Good Life

Nothing beats the sun, the sea and some lovely company to take away all the stress and the worry! Despite the truckload that I have to do, i can finally feel summer!

Happy days ahead,