DSC04657Hello friends!

Welcome to the place where all my thoughts and imagination are unleashed and boxed into this thing we call a blog. Happy to have a bunk where I can waste away things I can’t say out loud without it really becoming a waste because I have you guys to read it!

This started out as a blog for my internship I had for an environmental law firm (so, cool). But now that I’m done with the 200 hours, i just felt like making this one as my online journal instead.

This has become more like of a personal blog where I share my interests – art, music, soccer, and travelling annd just blab about life and how we try to understand it but never will cos its crazy beautiful & random, i love it!  There’s so much to say but so little space and time (or I’m just being lazy). Just here, filling some thoughts, filling in some ideas, filling in the blanks.




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