Oh my cold


So, obviously, it has been a long time. I swear that there were a lot of things that could have been written in between this and the last post but I never really did. Too lazy, busy, sick or whatever the reason was, was not good enough reason for me tonight. I’m bored, cold and very sick. The season has really crept up on me and it’s doing me no good to my nose’s extent. 


Four rolls of tissue after, my cold has not yet subsided and i reckon that writing this post would do well to me and at least keep my attention off my sneezing little red nose. 


Here I am now, trying to write my “Happy Holidays!” post if it isn’t too late. For what it’s worth, I had a good one. Better than what I expected. I hope you had one festive celebration, too. Have been really scared of the holidays after having lost someone but turns out I have had a lot of additions in my life already – brand new law school buddies, friends and those who have always been with me along the way. 


And I have gone a long way, i suppose. I just wish that I don’t lose anything on the process which I think is nearly impossible. We always lose something – a friend, a favorite thing or even our minds, right? But of course, we always hope for the best of things – that things, at least, would not turn out futile. 


And alas, half-way my break things turned out A-okay. Except for this damned cold which i believe will subside in a few hours. This blogging thing has done me good, after all. And I missed writing and just talking to the space and imaginary audience I have. 


I hope i have not sufficiently bore you and at least continue reading –


Happy Holidays, dear friends! May the spirit of Christmas be with you and your family bringing joy, forgiveness and prosperity among our homes. 





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