I wish I could take my First Kiss back


I wish I could take my first kiss back.

Back to the time where things felt simple and everything felt new, magical and an adventure.

Not in a cramped up space where I didn’t know what we were doing lost in borrowed time.

I wish I knew that was it – when our lips touched and when we sang our songs as one.

But there was not a melody to be heard nearby or fireworks to be seen.

There was no magic because it felt wasted, hastened and wrong.

That was then I knew kisses should be more than the touching of lips, the feel of each others’ breath

but the feeling…the ragged breathing and the loud heart beating.

Yes, my heart was beating. Fast. There I knew I lost something that can never be found – the magic of my first kiss.

Not magical at all. And then I understood the moment I felt naive and the moment I lost a part of my innocence.

My heart was beating fast. I lost my first kiss.

It broke my heart.

I wish I could take my first kiss back.

But I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t.

Then I wouldn’t learn.

I wouldn’t cherish.

I wouldn’t yearn.



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