The thunder that calms me

It starts with a whisper, a cold wind that sends me shivers. It doesn’t bother me because I am busy.

And then a few drops of the finest waters fall on to the earth. It’s cold outside and I can feel it in my tiny room, in my thick and warm pajamas.

A little grunting starts from the throats of the sky. It seems mad and very much disappointed. It cries hard and precipitates rain on to the day of sunshine promised on a summer day. It’s hard to believe that it’s gonna get this cold despite the scorching sun that almost tortured hearts and skins earlier. Yet we have the grunting, the crackle and then the thunder. It should scare me.

But it doesn’t.

It eases me, it eases my storming heart. The angry voices from the night sky mutes the voices in my head and deafens me from my own rumbling heart.

At least for a moment there, there’s something bigger than all of this that’s got my attention.

The thunder…


It brings me to bed.


it sends me to sleep.


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