Flying Kites


Kids are running everywhere at this time of day, laughing and looking for their kites stuck in the Sambag tree in our backyard. Everyone would try so hard throwing their slippers to the branches to sway the tree with the hopes of letting the kite fall in no time. But it’s stuck, so one goes up the tree to get the kite, while the others cheer down below. Its a life experience for all of them, the occasional worries of a child. Everything goes back to normal, running around like they didn’t lose a kite, bruise their knees or even fall from a tree in the first place.

They run, they laugh, they fly..carefree, without a care in the world.

I wish…nevermind.

I’ve been there before and as much as I want to go back but no. Besides, I’m 20 and I’ll have my share of adventures myself, only that its much more than flying, laughing and running…somewhere along the way there will be occasional stumbles, bruised knees, broken strings, and broken hearts.

The kids reminded me how different my life is right now from days back, months, years. I still have that kid in me but sometimes I forget about her when I’m drowned with a tsunami of worries coming my way every SINGLE time. Every waking minute I’ve been working on my thesis project to have my passport for graduation along with equally demanding subjects.

There are those worries that cannot be taken away with an all-nighter like what I always do with my term papers. Worries that keep you from sleeping, one that makes you restless on your sheets. They’re the kind of worries that stops you from flying because your heart’s too heavy and you need to unload. I wish strings could tie itself back when it’s cut loose, I wish my heart would restore itself when it gets broken and I wish trust could go back the moment you gave and lost them.

I wish…

I wish I was just flying kites on a summer day. Free, without worries and happy.




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