For the love of Movies

It’s funny how a person makes an effort finding stuff or takes time downloading things that are only going to make us cry in the end –whether it’s in a good or bad way. Movies do that to people. It does that to me. Well, at least the good ones.

So the last couple of days I’ve been really sick and my doctor advised me to stay home and rest. What does one do when they ‘rest’? I found out at that time I don’t rest that much that the thought of resting is only making me restless. Oh well, but then I found a solution. I just turned my laptop on and there goes my movie marathon…

The choices were limited so I had to choose the ones I didn’t see or didn’t get to finish and of course, my all-time favorite. When I hit play button I just feel like I’m being absorbed into the box where the characters fit in. Halfway throughout the movie I feel things I’m not supposed and then eventually cry. Yep, you got me. I am such a cry-baby when it comes to movies. Even a single moment of “awwwwe” plus a tear-jerking soundtrack already gets me.

But what is it with movies that always make us feel this way? Maybe it has parts of it or the whole movie that shares our experiences. It makes you feel the pain the character is portraying because at one point in time you’ve been in the same shit too. It makes you feel the same joy they felt because you’ve had it too. These are the best things about movies. They’re time-limited examples that show us certain parts of our lives and the choices that life offers us; the what could haves, the have beens and the what ifs.

Anyways, since I’m really BIG on movies and I’m just so happy I had this day to unwind and catch up on some old classics and even the new ones to give me enough rest that I need. So here’s a couple of movies that never gets old to me, the same movies that have made me cry and have this feeling of elation over and over again. Here are films I’d recommend over and over again some with my favorite line of the movie. Just hover over the picture to know more about them.

The Notting Hill

A romantic comedy but sill really dramatic. Its a story of how a simple bookstore owner fell in love with a famed American movie-star which changed his life. The moral of this story is that movie stars are people, too. Sure, they get paid millions a year and have cooks, chauffeurs, trainers and etc but they’re just like everybody else – they fall in love, get heartbroken and they fart, apparently. 🙂

The Intouchables

A true story of friendship of an arisocrat who becomes quadriplegic from paragliding and someone whom he hired from the projects to be his caretaker. The story is very heartwarming that will surely bring you to tears. MUST SEE!

3 idiots

A Bollywood film about 2 friends seeking for their lost companion. As their journey progress they look back to their college days and how their friendship with the one their seeking has inspired them to become better and be true to them selves.

As good as it gets

An unusual romantic comedy of an obsessive compulsive book writer and a single mom and a friendship he forms with a gay artist after an accident. It’s funny how they’re all weird characters but somehow as the story progresses they become the best of friends. You’ll see that their relationship have become a big help in each character’s growth.

Shawshank Redemption

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency even in the midst of a place like prison.

LOTR Trilogy

I can’t stress enough how one should really watch this trilogy. Not only is it awesomely made but we could learn a thing or two, or a lot, from the characters and the symbolism the film is trying to portrait.

500 days of Summer

I love how equally fun and heartbreaking the movie is. I’ve seen this movie only twice and would love to see it again now that I’ve understood what the movie really meant.

It’s a long list but I’m feeling kinda lazy so we have this. If you haven’t seen them you should prolly try and watch any one of them. They’re all good trust me.




One thought on “For the love of Movies

  1. aww… notting hill! kinsa ba gui dili ma inlove ni juliana roberts!

    lingaw jud ang 3 idiots!

    bright jud tong banker sa shawshank redemption uy…

    hate jud nako si summer uy! pero cute-a jud aning zooey deschanel haaaizzz…

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