Someone texted me something that I considered to be the most heart-warming message I got during the holidays! It’s definitely an ode to a free-spirited person like me. This post is definitely dedicated to my very inspiring professor who has not only taught me so much but has become a father to me in college. He’s the one who texted me this message quoting from a medieval Turkish saint, Jalaluddin Rumithat has a lot to do with his fascination over gypsies and their way of life. So, here it is…


Dance when you are broken.

Dance when you’ve torn apart ego’s chain.

Dance in the middle of sorrows.

Dance in the midst of pain.

Dance in ecstasy in seeing the beloved.

Dance to the beat of Life’s music. Let your soul feel through every rhythm, every high and fall- because with dancing you become one with yourself, with nature and with the universe.
Dance with me, will you? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lifedance

  1. i miss sir henry. very strict to me and to my classmates inside class. but i know he has the best intention in mind in his strictness. but he’s very good friend to us outside the class and am just wondrin how in the world he was able to balance strictness and care. i think bittersweet is the word.

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