Le Beard

Okay. I don’t know why I’m writing this but all my life I have overlooked a person who means so much to me and has been an integral part of who I am today. And that is my one and only, my main man Papa.


There was never a day in my growing life that I was not pissed or annoyed at him. He cracks super corny jokes; he can be really insensitive, he can be pretty frank, overly protective and very strict. That’s my Dad alright. He has this signature beard that’s going to make you think he’s part of the Mafia. There is this silent manner about him that makes him appear even more strict and grumpy. He forgets your name and uses shouting as his normal conversation voice. But he has these warm, chinky smiling eyes that wrinkles when he laughs along with his dimples that make him look younger than his years. He has this weird laugh that’s so infectious you don’t want to make him stop. And he has this ability to always sweep me off my feet and make me smile every time, in any way he can.


What did my Papa ever do today that made me write this? Well he just acted like his usual self like what he always does the last 20 years of my life; Simply amazing. Here’s a list why my Papa is the most awesome guy in my life.

  • He spoils me. From chocolates to just about anything my Papa is the number one spoiler in the world. That’s because he’s afraid of crying kids so the second a kid shows hints of crying he splurges with chocolates or just about anything under the sun. Does the trick every time.
  • He makes me laugh. Well he doesn’t have the best jokes in the world trust me. Sometimes it makes you think so much it’s not funny anymore and sometimes it’s too corny that the attempt of making the joke is funnier. I just have to let out a small HA HA. Hahahahahaha!!!
  • He knows how to treat a girl right. Trust me when I say he’s the best flirt and he’s so generous too. A gift giver armed with witty compliments and he’s full of surprises. Who’s saying no to that? Damn. I’m like selling my father here. But really, he is so smooth like Santana; even resembles him a little. 😀
  • He has weird, eccentric taste. Like me, my father is fascinated to things that are unconventional. Brings me to new places every time and brings home any unique finds he can see on the way home.
  • Knows how to have a good time. Being the father, he sees to it that we are well provided for and taken care of by working hard. But you will be surprised that he even plays harder. From gardening, going to the beach to his favorite bingo game; he manages oh so perfectly work and fun like a boss.


  • My moral compass. Like any parent does, he guides me and answers all my unasked questions. He just knows what to say when I’m not even saying things at all. He’s like the Supreme Court Chief of Justice where he tows everyone in line with his iron will and righteousness.
  • His BIG HEART. He can be such an arse with all the crap he lets me do and all the things he says that sting a little. But I don’t get mad. I just don’t have the will to do so because he is such a good person. He has a big heart that melts to just about anyone that knocks upon our door. And when he just gives out all of him to the people, that’s when I smile and tell myself – That’s my Papa right there.

So that’s it. It’s a long list really but these qualities really stand out for me and are the things I always see in him every day. Happy to have this man in my life and now, my mission is of course; to be the best brat in the world. KIDDING! Okay, I kid world! 😀 Okay, maybe I’ll just have to let him feel that he has succeeded in being the good father that he already is. Haha

Here’s to you Pa!

me and pa



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