Post-Apocalyptic Coffee

There is always a thing or two that we can learn from prophecies, foretold stories that might not even be real or possible. Apparently, if we follow the Mayan Calendar as they would have it, we are now in our post-apocalyptic dimension. Believe it or not, my dear friend, we have survived the apocalypse! We have gone pass 12-21-12. That easy folks. *fireworks*

So I’m here now, sipping my coffee, sitting on a high chair trying to connect dots and thoughts into this text box. As fate would have it, I could not have been sitting here. I could not have been talking to you right now. I could have been dust already, a particle unseen drifting away into  the nothingness. I could have died, could have disappeared if the world ended yesterday.But it didn’t because it was POSTPONED. oops.. Spare me then my friend for I’m about to share some of my Post-Apocalyptic thoughts over coffee.

We have to remember that it’s not the end; its just the beginning. Now that we have had that moment – it makes us narrow down all the things that matter. Things that are important and should be given more consideration above all others. Yesterday also gave me a new perspective in life by taking things by stride. One should already be panicking when the world’s end is nearing but I felt totally different yesterday, maybe because I didn’t believe it in the first place and i have had way too much to drink, but also it’s because I think that one way or another we are leading towards that end. Yesterday was no different from the days that have gone and are about to arrive because everyday we are always met with death. We never know actually.

So, I’ve had the perspective to take things lightly and just ride. Be fashionably graceful when the world ends. Shocks. What am i telling you guys? Another thing that’s important is to always seize the day. Knowing that at some point everything’s just gonna end is a guarantee that one should live life according to what makes us happy. At the end of the day, it’s what matters. When you have loved, given and have made yourself and others happy.

Finally, we should never ever forget to give thanks for what has come and will still arrive. Just exactly this time of the day last year was the beginning of an end – the day my Mom was admitted to the hospital and never got out the way I wanted her to be. I’d like to give thanks to everyone and to Him for giving me strength everyday to last a year and even survive the apocalypse despite the hole that penetrates my heart every time. Let’s not forget that yesterday was not the end but only a beginning to something beautiful. 

So that’s it for now! Coffee’s done and I have to go date my Papa, brother and our soccer boys today. Yep, I am a busy girl. Enjoy your post-apocalyptic survival 😀

Ciao! Happy Holidays love :*



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