Should this world end…


So the long awaited 12.21.12 end of the world prophecy is now here. I’ve been waiting for signs of an apocalypse coming; a deluge, an earthquake or “the sky is falling” moments but there was none really. The coast, apparently, is clear. Instead, I woke up to a happy morning with my family around, a good old’ breakfast our “yaya” made with love and of course, morning greetings from friends who were looking forward to an awesome day ahead.

But it’s too early to say yet because there are still hours remaining before this day reaches to its conclusion. Whatever the conclusion may be; should this world end I would have wanted it to be many things… I have crafted a long list of how this world ends but nothing seems clap-worthy for a great end. I’ve thought of aliens coming and making friends with us and transporting us to the new world. A good way to end this one too, is a major blackout and then we see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing and then *poof* we became coco crunch! I kid. Sorry. But I haven’t really thought of how the world ends. It’s an endless list of possibilities that would need a deeper understanding of  how the world works and an unlikely imagination.

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To be honest, I don’t want it to end just yet. I have so many things to live for and so many faces to put a smile on. But I’ve heard that when you’re nearing to the end – a sudden glimpse of your whole life comes back in a flash; important moments that define you. Now what would those moments be I’m still figuring out. I have been such a mess I doubt my life’s 30-second flashback is worth the watch at all. But I’ve been making progress already especially with the adventures I’ve had this year.

What my papa told me during breakfast was one that struck me today. Every day is an end of the world for someone somewhere but that does not give us a reason to fear but only a reason to live and be thankful even more. Because while we’re busy living and whining why the Mayan’s calendar have been so inconvenient, someone out there is struggling, fighting for their very last breaths.

I have so many things to be thankful for and many things to celebrate about. So I’m going to do whatever makes me happy. And today, it’s about celebrating an end of the world day with friends-exchanging 43.50 –peso gifts that are hard to come by, LOTR marathon with ze soccer boys, and later on a 2012-movie-marathon and some BBQ and booze. Cheers to the holidays and to a world that’s not to end just yet. HAHAHA we are so gonna laugh about it laters.

Always remember, a friend once told me that before the world ends – make sure that you have had the time to laugh, cry and think. With this, I’m sure your 30-second flashback is gonna be worth watching. Adios my friend and have a smashing day wherever you are in the world. :*




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