What we gain from losing

Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez

Today is definitely a sad day for Filipinos in and out of the country.

Because today we’ve witnessed our hero fall flat down. And yes, I’m talking about the recent defeat of our very own Manny Pacquiao to Marquez. I am not a big fan of boxing especially seeing bloody faces get beaten to pulp BUT when it’s a Manny Pacquiao fight, well everything just changes. I go out and join a massive group of boys in the living room and enjoy the fist-to-fist livestream via pay-per-view because I just love how Manny wins every time.

This time though, it ended pretty different from what we all expected and hoped for.

I am blogging about this because I am sad. Sad to see disappointed faces after Manny getting totally knocked out on the sixth round of the fight. Talk about planking. I was betting for Marquez but deep down I hoped Manny wins. Sad to see questioning eyes when translated to words would probably speak – “Why?”

Yeah. Why? Why did Manny lose? Or why did he lose that way in particular? Why that even in the most glorious times where Filipinos could gather round and be as one did the times fail? Was Manny not practicing? Did Marquez get stronger? or was it because Manny did not wear his rosary beads? There were a lot of questions but we failed to ask the right one.

What’s wrong with losing? We have already engraved in our minds that Pacquiao wins every time. He is our Hero and so far before this game he has proven to be that exactly.  Fight after fight we’ve seen him rise to the occasion and always proves to be the best fighter in his field. But it was different today. Manny was not the better player but that didn’t mean he was not a better man. There are things you learn each and every moment you experience. Manny lost but heck, we gained something far more than just that belt could offer. Here are a few –

It’s funny how twisted the hands of fate may work sometimes. Manny was younger, bigger, and definitely wealthier but then again. Maybe it was God’s way of telling us that Manny is still human. A person. Someone who can still be beaten and lose. Today it proved us how human we are, how even when we have everything we can still lose something far more than what you expected. My heart is aching for Manny because out of all the things he could have failed, it was boxing where he was really good at –that  truly knocked him down. Ironic but definitely true.

Manny’s defeat also taught us of humility. All these times when Manny won we celebrated but never forgot of bashing the other side on how weak they were against Manny. Hatton was one of them. Never was a time that I don’t remember people laughing on how Hatton got totally knocked down by Manny in the 4th round of their fight. I remember cruel laughs and teasing. And now? Everyone was left speechless. Let’s not forget that there are always 2 sides of the coin. God let us try the other side to know how it feels when you’ve been beaten to pulp and then ridiculed. It’s sad because I know they were all doing their best but only one can be declared as the better fighter but they were all great mean with great hearts. And to all players, especially to Pacman and Marquez – hands down to you!

Let’s talk about belief this time. Earlier when we were watching the game I heard many reasons from my neighbors why Manny lost. Some said because he was doing politics too much, others said that he didn’t practice that much, others believed that it was because he did not do the sign of the cross. Okay. Now, I am a believer of God. I swear. But my dad and I just don’t get along well when we talk about this. He was one of the guys who said that religion has something to do with all of it now that Manny is not Catholic anymore. I mean does that mean that any other religion except Catholicism would not guarantee you a better fate? What the heck??

I always believe that it’s something more than that. It’s not about the labels and what you do while you identify yourself as that — but it’s the belief. And maybe this time, I hope I’m right to say that our beliefs are not channeled to where they’re supposed to be. Instead believing that Manny could win because we believe in him no matter what would have been a lot better. We blame religion, we blame money, we blame politics but what about us? Don’t you think we’re part of the blame on how we’re so sad right now when losing is not something to really become so depressed about?

It’s not a good news really but damn, it is just a game. It’s part of the game – winning and losing. Manny said it himself – we lose because it’s part of being a player. Although it is a bit sad especially when you lost a lot money betting for Pacman but its part of taking risks and at least at the end of the day there are always lessons that we could gain from it.Losing is not a bad thing, sometimes it’s necessary- to tow us in line, to remind us that things don’t go our way sometimes. Losing can teach us a lot of things, gaining something winning cannot offer – something we needed but we didn’t know we did.

Kudos Pacquiao for putting up a good fight! You will always be the winner in our hearts. Here’s to your courage, your heart and your undeniably strong spirit. You always make us proud! Mabuhay!


Always a fan,



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