When it rains, it pours


There’s something about the rain that calms me. The sound of raindrops falling, the smell of the earth, the cold wind brushing through my cheeks, or the comforting thought of being able to cuddle my teddy bear and keep myself warm and cozy beneath the thick sheets.

There’s something about the rain that comforts me. Maybe its the thought that it washes away all that there is – the pain, the hurt, the past. And with it comes life, a new beginning, another chance to live and another chance to hope.

There’s something about the rain that makes me smile. I’m sure it’s the memory that sticks, we were together, you and I, walking helplessly under the rain. Nothing else mattered because everything made sense, everything was perfect. Though it’s cold, i felt warm from the inside.

There’s something about the rain that consumes me. It makes me still, makes me think, makes me worry. I was happy but I’m worried I won’t be for long. Like the rain that pours itself, sometimes it runs out.

There’s something about rain that reminds me of tears. Pains from the heart that bled, the ones that cannot be written, said or shared. Crying yourself out to sleep, where horrors of the past reigns even in dreams.

But when it pours out everything, it stops and leave again leaving a promise of tomorrow  with a rainbow. A rainbow that’s momentary, but nonetheless beautiful. It’s a promise of how everything will be, that eventually everything’s gonna be alright and everything’s ginna be just fine.

Ahh, the rain. Now it’s gone. It has left. But I’m still here, breathing and very much alive.

But I have to say that rainy days get the best of me. I think about you a lot..your smile, your name, your voice and your laugh. I miss saying your name. I miss annoying you.

I miss you.




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