It’s never easy meeting ends when you’re bored and do not have the means to not be bored. Like one Sunday when I finished early with chores and was left alone at home. I only had a few bucks that could sustain a few buys, if ever. What did I do then?

I just called one of my thriftiest friends who can join me anytime as much as possible in having fun without even spending so much! Well, that’s what we usually do so we’ve had years of practice.

Nonetheless, there are still things that one should prepare. Yourself, of course. So, I washed my face, changed going out clothes and kept a little money in my secret pocket. Just that and I was good to go. Since transpo is hard to get by in my place, I just hitched with my cousin’s bike, which gave me so much adrenaline-rush cos he was such a fast driver and a PLUS was I wasn’t able to spend so much on transpo already 🙂

A good place to go to is something you’re not so familiar with–like this one. J-Centre Mall found in Banilad, Cebu City! Finally found a mini-Eiffel tower. Had been looking for it for months now. So we did some strolling and a little buying. Obviously, we had an obsession of taking pictures near art pieces.

Scroll down and you’ll see what we did. You can do so much more even without that much money. See? Happiness, my dear, is free after all. haha well not totally, but getting there is so much more affordable than you think. 😉 What you need is a good company and a right attitude to enjoy even the simplest things you encounter! Open your heart and mind to all the possibilities that’s out there & enjoy!




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