Mongol no. 2

I should be nervous but I’m not. I should be jumping up & down but I’m not. I should be preparing but I’m not. Instead, I’m blogging my feelings away (again) as I’m exactly 7 hours before taking THE exam I’ve been dreading to arrive. But it has, finally – in a few hours. Whatever’s coming out of that exam will decide my fate, whatever my answer is surely locks it with finality.

Thoughts of how I haven’t been really preparing about the whole thing is scary but to be honest, I’m not. Which brings me to ask myself whether or not its what I want in the first -place. So is this the one they call pre-(change wedding to exam) jitters? Having second thoughts, butterflies in my stomach & doubting?? But really, I’m not feelinf any extreme emotion as of RIGHT NOW. But I’m sure I will be tomorrow.

Instead, I’m listening to my favorite song, planning what to wear and practicing my penmanship! 🙂 Whatever is wrong with me? Is this even right? Oh well, I am sure that whatever comes out will be okay – good or bad. No heightened expectations so that there will be no humongous disappointments in the near future.

Of course, I assure you that I will absolutely TRY. Keyword: TRY. XD And God knows how hard I try. But most of all, I’ll enjoy the moment because it’s meant to be enjoyed. So many people are dying to be in my place right now to be able to take the exam that could change lives and futures  but didn’t even have the chance to try. This is for them, this is for my Papa, this is for my Mama, this is for those who believe.. fingers crossed loves. :*

Now on to my Mongol # 2.. where is it anyways?

laters baby.



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