You know i’m not one who falters from a challenge. Always have I tried to accomplish in my best ability tasks that has come my way. It ain’t rocket science, eventually I’ll find ways.

*Please play the song while reading this so that it gives a more dramatic effect. haha*

But when it comes to the matters of the heart and that which involves more of how my life works–a problem lies. I can’t lie no more, I’m nearing the brink of my sanity. I’m getting crazy every time I wake up and think of the amount of life decisions I have to make for a day. I’m very fickle-minded, so i get really confused as to what I’m gonna do every time.

Give me anything that needs troubleshooting, i can fix in time. But matters of the heart, i just cannot. I appear absolutely pathetic and utterly stupid. Its embarrassing to think of the stunts I’ve done in the name of “YOLO” in love and life.

Over the weekend, I have had experiences that made me realize I’ve been holding unto something so slippery. Just the thought that I’m having problems holding unto it, saddens me. But why? I can’t lose something I didn’t have. So why fret my dear?

So I decided that wherever this experimental life I’m living goes, i’ll have to  do it a step at a time. Trial and error, so they say. There’s no easy way going through life. Its not a math problem that you go over and over again but will have an answer as soon as you get your tes paper back which was heavily corrected with red ink by your teacher. It isn’t a piece of cake either. Because every bits of pleasure and the carefree living always has certain repercussions which might not be as sweet as dessert.

And surely, although rocket science is like the ASIAN lvl of everything…LIFE AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE STILL. Because it’s way more difficult than that. At least, Rocket Science has a manual. Life doesn’t. WE have the bible but it doesn’t cover other parts in layman’s terms.

However it turns out, I hope I don’t explode into a million of dust particles, just wandering, leaving a part of my existence that will eventually fade into the nothingness, unwanted & forgotten.

Okay, enough for now. This is too heavy for an early morning!

Have a mighty fine day loves!!




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