Now Playing: Some Nights by Fun. 

There are nights when you want to go out, have fun, party hard and let the thrill of it all drift you away into a sense of euphoria. Getting high on happiness and forgetting the days that have made you so stressed (i.e. first week of class where you were only present 2/4 schooldays required). HA HA HA

But some nights, you just want to go home as early as possible and go straight to bed. That’s what I did today. I came home before sundown and succumbed to the softness of my bed. I’ve never felt so comforted and relaxed. Sometimes, all you need is a good rest, soft silky sheets and them fluffy pillows to get you back on track again. And Voila! Here I am again, wide awake at 12 am and I know its gonna be this way in a few hours.

I’m for adventure; the thrill, the unexpected things that could happen, the excitement and adrenaline is just too irresistible. But some adventures don’t seem adventurous at all but are really so. Like being at home in front of your laptop and just letting the tides of the world wide web swallow you up. I’m not talking about Facebook, i’m not even paying much attention to it now. I’m talking about all those new creative, interactive sites in store for all of us. They’re just too cool and too many, it’s getting harder for me to maintain. But since I’m Miss Awesome, I can think of ways to get through it. Other than that, I’ve been drawing stuff (mostly random) which I’m gonna show you soon and enough and had a lazy cover of songs I personally like too. Since I’m generous tonight, click this and you’ll be redirected to a song I covered. Spare me please for it is just for fun. Enjoy it though, just woke up so my hair was pretty messed up.

So, just a recap of what I’ve been doing and what I’m into lately – I’m feeling like a hippie, sometimes a rock star  Lost, lazy, musically indie and just out there. It’s like i’m always doing astral projection. Lately i’ve purchased some vintage/rockstar shirts too – from KISS to Rolling Stones and grungy ripped shorts from an online store I found in Facebook. Lastly, like a typical rock-geek, I’m all-emotional and lyrical. Just a hint of strong feelings I see on movies makes me cry like a freaking baby. shhh.

That’s all actually. Just had to put it out there since I have no one to talk to at this time of the day (everyone’s fast asleep, not that I blame them though its past bedtime). I hope that you had a good Friday night however you spent it.

Have a happy weekend friends. :*




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