Not the same anymore

Remember how you wake up in the morning and then smile? Its that relief and assurance that you have everything you care for in the world. So you get up, go through your day of routines and work, go home and sleep. This is the best feeling in the world actually. That total happiness you feel because you have your family, you’re pretty fine yourself and you’re just in luck. But what if all of a sudden, when you’re busy being happy, one of these or all of them vanishes in a split second? or gradually, everything just deteriorates like a barren sand in the deserts of Egypt.

That’s when you feel lost, empty and breaking.

Forgive me for my melodramatic posts lately, its just that my days have been so unpredictable and its the break. So, i have a lot of time to think of things and go emo. Before the calender turned to 2012, I promised myself that in the coming year I shall make everyday an adventure. My mom’s passing away was not an ideal start but goes to show that sometimes you can’t always get what you want. We may not understand it now, we actually get what we need.

the loss has been profound yet I believe that life must certainly go on. Its been 10 months and i can’t believe how far we’ve gone. My baby, my favorite dog even left me. But that’s actually a good thing, at least now I know Max is guarding my mom now, or the other way around. For being sleepless and stressed for almost everyday, I haven’t been the kindest and most joyful person you’ll encounter. But believe me I’m trying to be. As what the promises of the year has brought, indeed my adventure has just started. There isn’t a day that I haven’t been fully exhausted yet fully satisfied with the things I have done. Truly experience is the best teacher. It teaches us to be strong, faithful, patient and everything else that goes with it.

I’m just so happy because somehow everything is falling into place. I’m having another nephew, a healthy baby boy; its my last semester before I reach the unemployed world and my brother’s been coping really well. Always remember Nietzsche‘s line: That which does not kill you will only make you stronger. And I am proud to say that I certainly am!! 😀 The tidal waves of life has helped me 😀 And now, I’m not gonna let it go without me givin me self some fun, so— I’m turning the tables my friend. Should another tide hit me, rather than letting myself drown, I’m gonna surf instead.

Amen to that. HAHA! been really bipolar lately, but who’s to blame? I haven’t been experiencing the ordinary lately. Whatever the coming years promise to bring, come on and let’s ROCK! \m/


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