Squeezing memories in a post

Okay, spare me the wise cracks or the secret jokes but I have to do this. I have to reminisce. Whoever said that time passes by so quickly, you won’t notice the change – deserves a cookie. Times have gone by so fast that I’m left here sitting and trying to recollect all the events of my life, connecting the dots and trying to make some serious sense out of it. Okay, i’m getting way ahead of myself already. Maybe it’s the beautiful sunrise that woke me or the mere fact that I’ll be parading the BIG 2 – 0 years in my forehead in two days that out of the blue, i want to preserve all the memories because they’re too many, i might forget.

Even the year itself has been pretty interesting. When i asked for a year full of adventures, HE did not disappoint. I overestimated myself that at some points I found myself at a loss, broken and empty. Along these, I have had my tales of happiness too and lessons that I will always remember and TRY to use. Keyword: Try. Sometimes lessons keep coming back cos I’m just too stubborn to understand. Oh well, aren’t we all? 🙂

AHHH! Music’s not helping me write right now. They’re too tempting and misleading..they make me think of something else other than my life(?) does that even make sense? See? i told you. But really, music has helped me a lot actually. It helps me express things words can’t explain. It consumes me every time. Every song, a memory i can’t deny. (char) It sticks, like epoxy.  Now that I’m approximately 2 days from being an official adult, I’ve come to realize that along with time, some go and the others just stay and grow with you. (self-professed profound tendencies again) 

The girls i go through hell with everyday- despite the haggard lifestyle, we try to look decent and human as much as possible.

Never forgetting spikes in my cup of drink in life, are these people. A set of creeps, weirdos and nerds that make me realize life is worth enjoying. They make me forget all the problems I have cos we have enough problems generated after our crazy antics. Gotta love them

Been to places and have met people along the way. Its in this episode of my life where trust has been so essential. I’ve learned so much of how it works, gaining and losing it.

Been to places and have met people along the way. Its in this episode of my life where trust has been so essential. I’ve learned so much of how it works, gaining and losing it in just a single act.

of family, this year I have had so much appreciation towards my cousins especially the BFCs and the NYCs. Distance only makes us treasure more the times we spend together. wish to see them real soon.

officially a registered voter. Also realized how crappy services are in our city. This step, of course, is a stepping stone to actually answering this dilemma. hopeful, are we? 😀

exceeding self-limit. never have I imagined that I’d be doing this. although, I’ve been quite exposed to stuff but not these kinds of stuff. Happy and glad i did it cos I knew then and there, that I can do anything if i try! The only limit I have is myself.

I have done so many things because of the massive support I get from my family: my sister, my brother and of course, my Papa. they have been my inspiration and my strength to overcome everything there is to overcome.

Another source of inspiration for me is the project that my brother and I are doing. We now have an extended family, our soccer kids. They’re kids from the neighborhood who have not been so blessed with material possessions but are blessed with such energy and dedication.

Along with my brother’s dedication, we have been thoroughly patient to have a positive change into these children’s lives by providing them a space where they can just experience life as kids without a care in the world. By teaching them, we in return, have learned so many lessons in the process. Lessons in life, you don’t get when you don’t give a little (or more) of yourself to others.

And of course, constant reflection of what has been and what is yet to become. I am a working progress already fashioned by God unto some unknown purpose I have yet to find out. Finding that and whats in between is what matters. That i live life according to His word and to goodness, justice and love. aaah, LIFE. Profoundly beautiful. 🙂

That’s pretty much it. It’s not everything yet but these are things I remember now, maybe because they’re the ones that matter the most. So I have probably consumed too much now for further drama, so I end this post with a quote —

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith


Lil Miss.

that’s CLANG for you.

Taking over. :p


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