Its the first semester of my fourth year college life. Things have been going fast but i feel so slow. Lately however, classes are always suspended which makes me feel a lot less like a student than i already do (i.e. no uniforms, very free schedule). Is this beneficial for me as a student? is this even enriching? Lying on my bed makes me feel guilty that I’m being really unproductive. Thus, a school whose pride rests upon the excellence of its students – rests on me. ME! And i’m not even doing anything. Just here, at home–blogging and pigging out. Wow.

The future of the Philippines rests on my lazy hands and to a lot others doing pretty much the same. Do i feel honored? no. Do i feel ashamed? A little. Pressured? yes. Is this GOOD? NO. I hope i could change how i feel about these questions but they are merely a reflection of several factors that affect my life right now. A roller-coaster of crap. I don’t know why i’ve been this way since.

I wish a part of me isn’t like this but just can’t help it. Its a product of social transformation over a couple of crazy months that has been.


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