Over the Radio

Last Saturday, April 21, 2012, I was able to experience my first radio broadcasting gig co-anchoring with my fellow PEJC intern Mikko. If I may say, 60 minutes of that live 648 frequency experience made me realize how exciting it is to be behind the most iconic people we hear over the radio. And now, more than ever, I was actually experiencing the same thing only that I had only my HS Press Conference background to run to. Nevertheless, the experience was amazing. It taught me that at all times one must always be calm by not taking everything all at once. Take it by strides and then see the picture clearly.

In life, no matter how you plan some things to turn out perfect, there’s always a constant reminder that it isn’t so. We encounter hang-ups, roadblocks and in our end, it was not having the guests for the main interview to arrive on your Morning Radio Show. How can one be calm? Eventually, Mikko and I with the help of Miss Claire and the rest of the 35o.org interns (then) we managed to keep the show afloat and redeem whatever has been lost in the course of the entire show – dignity? shame? or doubt? haha

With a smile, we ended the show because we felt that even though we haven’t have the slightest idea of the technicalities of what we were doing we managed to survive the entire 60 minutes and were able to deliver our most important message: the important Role of the youth in the Protection of the Environment. I believe that just being an intern, radio broadcasting and the mere act of writing this is one more action to which we could promote what we seek to find best fitting in our growing society. They mey say that we are young, naive and the like – but we can do a lot of things and its even better to do it this time for we are on the prime of what we call idealism and sense of adventure. Thus, like the show: Hagit sa Kinaiyahan, I challenge you to become the change you want to see in our community and especially our environment for it is not nature that should be saved from us but otherwise.

props to Miss Joey Llamasares for the pictures 🙂


Li’l Miss E. 


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