monotonous office days

I grew up in an environment where pollution, disease and other problems were not an issue. I thought this was the same all throughout the city, the province or even the world. Just about the same time that i started having schoolgirl crushes, my view towards the environment changed. There are some areas where cars and factories release greenhouse gasses into the air, and forests are being cut down. In other countries, many people are behind on cures for diseases. Many people talk about how the polar ice caps are melting and the ozone layer depleting. An Inconvenient Truth opened my eyes to see how today’s technology and garbage affect these environmental disasters, and I want to do something about it. 

I do some things to make myself more environmentally friendly. But is it enough? Do you think we should do more, individually and as a whole? I have had the privilege to do something more being under the Philippine Earth Justice Center (PEJC). This non-profit organization, unlike others, takes pride with the genuine act of protecting and preserving the environment. They are vigilant and somehow I call THE Justice League of Lawyers who defend the poor and the weak, especially Mother Earth. This awesome line-up is composed of our Executive director Atty. Gloria Ramos, my father’s personal favorite Atty. Ben Cabrido and our intern coordinator Atty. Joan Dulhao whom we can easily relate to because we have something really unique in common. We are -FFA’s. Mga Frustated Fine Arts.

Its sad to think that Philippines has the finest environmental laws and yet we are so poor in the implementation area. So THE Justice League makes sure this isn’t so. One step at a time, they provide actions to environmental issues that have time and time again risen in our locality through the ways they know best which is of course- lawyer-ing. And being a part of this cause makes me proud.

Along with piling-up documents that seemed too many (but was eventually done in a day) was our new task which is to co-anchor Atty. Gloria Ramos in her radio program on Saturday 10-11 am in DYRC dial 6:48. The whole week we spent arranging our outline, scripts, contacting people we can get hold of to talk primarily about the YOUTH and their important role in the preservation and protection of the environment. Atty. Ramos also shared that our upcoming activities might even get exciting and would require additional effort – on April 23-26, we are going out of town and headed to Bais, Negros Oriental to conduct a marine mammal survey. We are also planning to visit the Cordova Reclamation project and conduct an environmental orientation about the basic environmental issues to give us light of the pressing issues that may soon arise. Environment 101 or Environmental Crash course, so they say. I am more than excited to be a part of all this because not only are we having fun, we also get to learn and we are able to create positive  change in our society in our own ways.


Lil’ Miss E. 


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